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Space Marines Land Speeder Model Build

Article by Paul Nortness

Today I will show you how to build a Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine Land Speeder Storm. The Land Speeder Storm is this cool little gunship that skims close to the ground and blows stuff to smithereens. I thought it looked pretty cool, so I chose it to be my first Warhammer purchase after the Battleforce box.

The kit comes in a small box that contains 99 plastic pieces to build the speeder and six scout marines.

To build this kit I will need a hobby knife, snips, plastic cement (I have found Ambroid works great on Games Workshop plastic) and a small rotary tool. A word of forewarning about The Games Workshop models, their instructions are about the worst you could ever find. I liken them to instructions you might find with a Lego set "find piece that looks like x and stick it somewhere in this vicinity".

land speeder

Actually, I take that back. Lego instructions are actually much better. Parts on the sprue are not numbered as they are with traditional model kits, so it is literally "find a part that looks like the picture". Also, Games Workshop molds their sprues very thick so removing pieces from the sprue can be tricky and always leaves a big nasty stub on the model piece. Pay special attention to these stubs with the rotary tool and hobby knife.

land speeder 1 land speeder 2

So, the first thing we need to do is build the front seats and install them. The pieces go together pretty easy, and the plastic reacts to the Ambroid Pro Weld cement wonderfully. Once the seats are together, install them onto the floor. You will find grooves on the floor to accept the sub assembly.

land speeder 3

The rear end of the craft consists of a rear bulk head, engine cluster and cover. These fit together very easily; first attach the rear bulk head into the guide grooves. The engine cluster slides into place against the rear of the unit. Once these two pieces are in place, the cover slides over them to form the back of the land speeder. Now, a little intake vent gets placed on top of the cover.

land speeder 4

OK, now we need to build up the front of the speeder. First, let's attach the headlight unit to the right side. It just snuggles up to the top edge of the nose. Once that is attached, we need to add the instrument console to the cockpit. There is a notch on the console that slides onto the front seat assembly that we mounted earlier. Once the console is in place, we can attach the nose of the speeder. The nose attaches very easily by sliding onto the lower section. Make sure to hold the nose down while the glue is drying to ensure you have no excess gaps.

Finally, the headlight/assault cannon assembly on the left side of the speeder attaches in the same way as the right, but there is a little step for the cannon. Don't forget to drill out the gun barrel!

land speeder 5

Ok, we are getting close. Next up, we need to install some small detail bits. A deflector plate goes in front of the driver's seat while a rounded bar goes in front of the front passenger seat. And finally, the seats in the troop section get added.

land speeder 6 land speeder 7 land speeder 8

Next, we need to add the cross bar for the rear troop section. Do not glue this piece yet. We will need to remove it when it comes time to paint so we can have better access.

land speeder 9

We are rounding the final corner! Attach the front "bumper" and forward wings. The bumper has little tabs that fit into slots on the nose. You will find a tab on the sides of the fuselage for the wings. The wings have notches on the bottom that fit over the tabs. We also need to attach hand holds on the side of the craft. These go forward and aft of the troop section. There is no guide for these, just glue them where you think they should go. Don't worry, attaching them is easier than it sounds!

land speeder 10

Now, flip the craft over. We need to attach the runners for the troops to stand on.

land speeder 11

You will find holes on each side for the runners to slide into. Glue them into place. While we are working on the bottom, let's attach the "anti gravity" unit and the forward missile launcher.

land speeder 12

See that little hole in the anti gravity unit? That is where the base will go. So, flip over the craft and mount it on the base.

land speeder 13

Congratulations! You have just built a Space Marine Land Speeder Storm. In my next installment, I will show you how to finish the model with paint and decals and get it ready to take on the Ork hordes on the battlefield.

Have fun and happy modeling!

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