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Pro Tips

RC Engine Reassembly

Now that your engine has been fully dismantled, it's time to replace any worn parts. In my engine all that was required was a new piston and sleeve. Yours may differ. If your engine failed...

RC Engine Teardown

You'll eventually run into an engine that just flat won't run anymore, and if it has a fair bit of sentimental value and/or is expensive to replace, rebuilding it is a viable option. Here's how to do that...

Mod Your Transmitter For LiPo

This article will give you a step by step guide on how to easily modify your existing transmitter to use a LiPo battery

How To Create Gate Markers For Crawling

Gate markers are a commonly used item in competition rock crawling, but few just-for-fun crawler guys even know about them or what they are used for. In competition crawling events, they are used to mark where checkpoints are...

How To Make Body Washers

Tired of your body post punching through that new, freshly painted rc body of yours? This tip is a simple way to help prevent this from happening, which will extend the life of your RC body.

How To Cut Tire Foams

For those who don't know, tire foams are pieces of circular foam that fit into the tire to give it support since most RC tires aren't pneumatic, or filled with air. This is a step by step guide...

How To Store RC Tires

People that are new to the RC hobby may not realize how big of deal it is to store your tires correctly, especially if you are planning on decent performance from them. This article will show you a couple different ways...

How To Store Your RC Car

Storing your car - what's the big deal? What could hurt it while it just sits there, not even being driven? Well, a lot of things can happen to your RC car while it is in storage.

Why The RC Hobby Is Great

rc car

People who are looking at getting into a hobby often wonder what benefits the hobby will bring them. The obvious answer is pleasure, from doing something you like, but there are other factors too...

Entertaining Your Pet With RC

losi micro sct rc car

This article is for those of you out there who have a fuzzy companion, better known as a cat. If you have a cat, be sure to continue reading...

Painting Tips

model kit paintbrush

Most collectors prefer to paint their models. You can bring out the realistic look by painting your model and at the same time, have some fun.

Model Kit History gears logo

There are many smaller companies that produce model kits, but the major ones are Aluminum Metal Toys (AMT), Revell, and Monogram. Find out more about them here.

Children's Model Kits

plastic motorcycle toy

Children have to be taught all the skills they will need as they grow older and become independent. Parents are the most influential teachers for this very important job...

The Types Of Model Kits

plastic corvette model kit

So you have decided to test your skills by putting together a model kit. Now you must select the type of kit that would be of the most interest to you.

Collecting Model Kits gears logo

One of the most popular hobbies today is model building. No matter if you are interested in cars, trucks, planes, or just about anything else, you are sure to find the right model kit for you.

What Are Collectibles?

big daddy plush doll

To encourage collecting, manufacturers create a series of a certain collectible, with each item being different in some way. Find out about some of the different types right here.

Displaying Your Collection gears logo

You have spent hours assembling your model collection. Now you would like to have your models displayed for all your friends to admire.

Assembling Model Kits

plastic corvette model kit

So you have purchased your first model kit and are now ready to assemble it. Just remember, model building is a learned skill and takes many hours of practice.

Model Kits As Gifts gears logo

Model kits make great gifts for any occasion and are suitable for adults and children. One question to ask before purchasing the model kit for that special person is, "are they interested in this type of hobby?"

Types Of Collectibles gears logo

There are numerous types of collectibles. A few of these are comic books, dolls, figurines, hot wheels, trading cards, and scale models.

Stress Relief gears logo

Developing a hobby is a great way to relieve stress and make you feel good about yourself again. After a hard day's work there's nothing like relaxing with your favorite hobby. Find out more in this article.

Finding Model Kits gears logo

If you are a serious collector, you can often find rare and valuable static models at auctions, though this can sometimes be an expensive endeavor. We give you some tips for finding...

Types Of Hobbies gears logo

There are numerous hobbies from which you and your children can choose. Here are just a few: gardening, scrap booking, photography, and RC. Find out which hobby is right for your family.