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Entertaining Your Pet With RC

Article by Hunter Wick

This article is for those of you out there who have a fuzzy companion, better known as a cat. If you have a cat, be sure to continue reading, and if you don't, just keep on reading as this applies to other pets too. You may be wondering what your cat has to do with anything RC related, but it does. Just trust that I'm not crazy... If you have a micro like I do and a playful cat (or two) this article will explain how you can give your pet a heck of a good time and how you can enjoy it too.

Micros are a great way to pass time when the weather is too bad outside for your larger scale RCs or you just want to spend the day inside. While doing this one day, I found that one of my cats loved chasing my Losi Micro SCT around, attempting to catch it. We played like this for a good while, until the battery was dead. That day's play session was over, but I learned a new way to not only entertain my fuzzy friend, but to also provide me with a lot of smiles.

So, isn't driving your micro around for your cat to chase relatively simple? Well, of course, but here are a few tips. First off, you don't have to have a micro worth $300 to do this. My cat loved my completely stock Micro SCT, regardless of whether it was brushed or not. Secondly, let your cat win every once-in-a-while. After all, if your kitty never has success in catching its prey (your micro), he or she won't want to play anymore. Lastly, tie a string on the back of your micro, simulating a mouse tail. If you haven't noticed before with your cat, it loves small strings and ribbon to chase. This is because it reminds them of a mouse's tail, their natural prey. Obviously, this last tip is completely optional, but it can add a whole new level of fun to the mix.

losi micro sct my cat

Hopefully this article has given new purpose to your micro and will provide you and your cat with hours of laughs (well, I guess it would be purring for the cat...). And be sure not to forget that this may very well be applied to other animals if you don't have a cat, such as a ferret, small dog, and anything else that takes interest in chasing your micro!

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