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Pro Tips

RC Engine Reassembly

Now that your engine has been fully dismantled, it's time to replace any worn parts. In my engine all that was required was a new piston and sleeve. Yours may differ. If your engine failed...

RC Engine Teardown

You'll eventually run into an engine that just flat won't run anymore, and if it has a fair bit of sentimental value and/or is expensive to replace, rebuilding it is a viable option. Here's how to do that...

Mod Your Transmitter For LiPo

This article will give you a step by step guide on how to easily modify your existing transmitter to use a LiPo battery

How To Create Gate Markers For Crawling

Gate markers are a commonly used item in competition rock crawling, but few just-for-fun crawler guys even know about them or what they are used for. In competition crawling events, they are used to mark where checkpoints are...

How To Make Body Washers

Tired of your body post punching through that new, freshly painted rc body of yours? This tip is a simple way to help prevent this from happening, which will extend the life of your RC body.

How To Cut Tire Foams

For those who don't know, tire foams are pieces of circular foam that fit into the tire to give it support since most RC tires aren't pneumatic, or filled with air. This is a step by step guide...

How To Store RC Tires

People that are new to the RC hobby may not realize how big of deal it is to store your tires correctly, especially if you are planning on decent performance from them. This article will show you a couple different ways...

How To Store Your RC Car

Storing your car - what's the big deal? What could hurt it while it just sits there, not even being driven? Well, a lot of things can happen to your RC car while it is in storage.

Multi Stage and Clustered Rockets

rocket cluster

There is all sorts of fun you can have with different rocket engine configurations. Let's discuss some of the possibilities. Staged rockets are a fun way to go higher...

Building Model Rockets From Scratch

model rocket fin

So, you've decided you want to build your first rocket from scratch. Flying rockets of your own design can be a very rewarding aspect of model rocketry.

Upscaling Model Rockets


Sometimes you just can't find the model rocket you want in a larger size. There must be a way to translate the scale and measurements into a bigger model...find out how.

Introduction To Model Rockets

model rocket launch

Model rocketry is an exciting and growing hobby that is open to anyone of nearly any age. Model rockets range from one stage low altitude models to supersonic high altitude models. Find out the basics in this article.

Model Rocket Engines

model rocket engines

Before you take flight with that new rocket you should know how model rocket engines work. By understanding the different types of rocket engines available, you will be able to select the perfect match for your day exploring space!