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How To Make A Temporary RC Drive Pin

Article by Hunter Wick

Everyone hates going out to an awesome bash spot or their favorite race track and having their RC break down on them. One common problem is the drive pins. There is, however, a quick and easy solution to this problem, and the best is that you can do it in the field and within ten minutes. The obvious solution to the problem is to carry replacement parts with you in your field kit, which is something I highly recommend. Some parts, like a drive pin, can be jerry-rigged to work, though. This article will give you a step by step guide on how to make your own drive pin while in the field. The only items that are needed are a body clip, tool to take the wheel off, and a wire cutter.

Step By Step

1. First, you will need to gain access to your drive pin. The example vehicle shown here is a Traxxas Rustler, which houses the drive pins under the hexes on the stub axles of each wheel. Each vehicle will differ slightly, but will be the same general idea. To gain access to a broken or missing drive pin, take off the corresponding wheel using the tool you brought.

2. Next, take off the wheel hex. Some vehicles may only have a pin which hooks directly into the wheel with no hex, but it will vary with your particular vehicle.

3. Now figure out how long your makeshift pin needs to be. Make sure to remember this length, because if it is wrong, the pin won't function correctly in your vehicle.

4. Next, take the body clip you have chosen (the thicker the better, but it's more about whatever is at hand) and cut it to the correct length using the wire cutters.

5. Lastly, reassemble everything correctly. Once again, this will vary by vehicle, but basically just do the opposite of what you did to take it apart.

traxxas rustler after modding

There you go! Breaking things happens - it's just part of the hobby. But, with the proper know-how and just a few basic tools, many things can be temporarily fixed in the field in no time! Just be sure to remember to replace this makeshift pin with a real, manufactured one, as this makeshift pin may not last very long. Good luck, and hope this tip can help to extend your fun in the field one day!

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