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Proline 2.2 Hole Shot Soft Truck Tires Review

Article by Hunter Wick

An RC car can be four wheel-drive, big, cool looking, and whatever else, but it won't be much fun without the right set of tires. Read on to find out whether these tires make your RC rock or not.

On Grass - 6/10

I ran these tires in tall and short grass for several battery packs, concluding that they simply weren't designed to be used on this surface. The first problem is that they have too small of a diameter, causing the vehicle's ride height to become much lower. Proline likely did this because the smaller diameter allows the vehicle to have a lower center of gravity, which is great for racing, just not for bashing. Secondly, the tread simply didn't hook up that well to the grass. It seemed like the tires made the motor work a lot harder than usual because they had such little traction. The last reason that I didn't like running these tires on grass was because they had excessive side bite in grass, meaning that any time I would power slide my vehicle out, the tires would grab and flip the vehicle. Because of these three reasons, I only awarded these HoleShot tires with a six in this category.

On Pavement/Concrete - 10/10

When used on asphalt or concrete, these tires are nothing short of amazing! I was amazed at how well that they hook up. Plus, they have a fairly stiff sidewall which provides responsive handling on top of the great traction. For testing, I installed these treads on my Rustler VXL, and they made it wheelie like mad on road! Normally on a 2s LiPo pack I would have to blip the throttle a couple times to get the front wheels to come off the ground, but with these tires my chassis was perpendicular with the ground by half throttle. I was expecting these tires to wear rather quickly on road since they are made of such a soft compound. Surprisingly though, these treads did not even wear noticeably during the several packs I put on them until I did a burnout (maybe I should have thought that out better)! I will be buying these tires once again in the future for sure to be used on road, if nothing else.

On Dirt - 8/10


Being a racing tire, these tires were made to be used in dirt. Surprisingly, these tires weren't quite as good as I was expecting on most types of dirt. Specifically, they really seemed to struggle on dirt with a light, loose layer on top. On this surface, they would allow the truck to spin out occasionally if too much throttle was used. However, on a more clay-like surface that had no dust on top, these tires performed great, almost like they did on road.

At the end of the day, these tires made my Rustler fun to drive, and it's no secret that it's no racing chassis. If you install these on a more race built chassis, I am sure that they would make it handle like a dream. Once again, these HoleShot 2.2 stadium truck tires have been one more high quality product from Proline. For this reason, they scored a final score of 8/10, plenty good enough for me. Great job Proline!

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