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Welcome to the fun world of Gunpla. Gunpla is short for "Gundam Plastic Models" (In Japan, it's just a fad if it doesn't have some weird word to describe it's fanbase). Gundam models are perfect kits...

Radio Controlled Vehicle Tires

In order to get the best performance possible from your RC vehicle, it is important to know how to select, maintain, and change your RC car tires. By understanding how the tires work, you will be prepared to give your best in just about any race you enter with your vehicle. Then you can fully enjoy the hobby and truly relish those moments when you are in the winner's circle.

There are a wide variety of tires available for RC vehicles. These range from street tires to drift tires and each one is designed with a special purpose that gives your RC vehicle uniquely different performance characteristics. By understanding the performance characteristics of each type of tire, you will be able to select the best tire for the type of racing that you are doing with your RC vehicle. The following instructions apply to RC cars, trucks, monster trucks, off road vehicles, and any other RC vehicle that can be driven on a hard surface.

Drifting Tires

Drifting tires are one of the favorite types of tires used by RC car enthusiasts. These types of tires are designed for drift racing and allow your car to quickly accelerate in straightaways and easily float through tight turns. These tires are usually constructed of a combination of rubber and a special resin compound that will withstand the forces that a RC car endures when drift racing. Touring cars are usually outfitted with this type of RC tire.

Bowtie Tires

Bowtie tires are the preferred type of RC car tire for those RC vehicles that are raced on a hard packed track. These tires are designed to provide great traction on hard surfaces and are usually made of hard rubber or plastic.

Street Tires

Street tires are designed to give the absolute best performance an RC car enthusiast could desire when racing on asphalt or concrete. Constructed of a durable rubber compound, these types of tires are found on popular RC street racing cars like the Traxxas Nitro Rustler.

Ribbed Tires

Ribbed tires are found on the front wheels of RC cars that require excellent control. Designed to provide exceptional grip, these tires are especially popular on vehicles that are used on tight turning race courses.

All Terrain Tires

Last but not least, all terrain tires are those designed to provide great performance in any type of terrain encountered. This type of RC car tire is found on rock climbers, stadium trucks, and other off -road RC vehicles.

Changing RC Car Tires

When it comes to changing your RC car tires, it is a good idea to use a precision flat-head screwdriver to gently pry the old tires off. If for some reason the tires are being difficult to remove, then it can help to soak them in hot water while they are still on the rim. This will loosen the glue and make them easier to remove.

Before you begin removing tires from your RC car, it is recommended that you have a tray nearby to place the parts into that come off of the tire. Also it is advised that you only change one tire at a time in order to keep from losing any of the intricate parts that hold tires into place on the RC vehicle. Once you have successfully removed the tires from the vehicle, it is a good idea to glue the new tires into place on the rims in order to keep them from slipping off as you are racing your vehicle.

Maintaining RC Car Tires

After any race, it is a good idea to thoroughly examine your RC tires and make sure that they are not damaged. After you have inspected your tires, you should wipe them down with a paper towel and remove any grime, mud, dirt, or other debris that has found its way onto them. Doing this will increase the longevity of your tires and will help to prevent serious damage from occurring later on.

By selecting the best RC vehicle tires for the type of racing that you will be doing and by maintaining your tires, you will find your RC car's performance to be greatly increased. Use these tips to easily maintain your vehicle's tires at their top performing level. In the end, this will help you to completely enjoy the hobby of RC car racing and may help to make you the first place winner of a race.

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