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Pro Tips

RC Engine Reassembly

Now that your engine has been fully dismantled, it's time to replace any worn parts. In my engine all that was required was a new piston and sleeve. Yours may differ. If your engine failed...

RC Engine Teardown

You'll eventually run into an engine that just flat won't run anymore, and if it has a fair bit of sentimental value and/or is expensive to replace, rebuilding it is a viable option. Here's how to do that...

Mod Your Transmitter For LiPo

This article will give you a step by step guide on how to easily modify your existing transmitter to use a LiPo battery

How To Create Gate Markers For Crawling

Gate markers are a commonly used item in competition rock crawling, but few just-for-fun crawler guys even know about them or what they are used for. In competition crawling events, they are used to mark where checkpoints are...

How To Make Body Washers

Tired of your body post punching through that new, freshly painted rc body of yours? This tip is a simple way to help prevent this from happening, which will extend the life of your RC body.

How To Cut Tire Foams

For those who don't know, tire foams are pieces of circular foam that fit into the tire to give it support since most RC tires aren't pneumatic, or filled with air. This is a step by step guide...

How To Store RC Tires

People that are new to the RC hobby may not realize how big of deal it is to store your tires correctly, especially if you are planning on decent performance from them. This article will show you a couple different ways...

How To Store Your RC Car

Storing your car - what's the big deal? What could hurt it while it just sits there, not even being driven? Well, a lot of things can happen to your RC car while it is in storage.

Duratrax 4mm Battery Plug Review

battery plug review

Are you too lazy to solder or just not that great at it? If so, don't fret. There are other ways to get those rc battery connectors you need. Several companies make these connectors for connecting a battery with removable terminals...

Hobbywing 25a ESC Review

rc esc review

Have you ever just wanted to drive your favorite RC car around, without constant wheelies or flipping over? While some of you more power hungry guys may say no, many people, especially those who are new to the hobby...

EZ Run Brushless Motor Review

ez run rc motor

Anyone out there seeking a cheap, but well-built brushless rc motor? Well, look no further! No, I'm not advertising for anyone, but this is a cost friendly option to going brushless.

Converting A Touring RC Car To Run Off-Road

ntc 3

The first thing you need to do is determine if your car is suitable to be run off-road. If it's belt drive, chances are it's not gonna work unless you can shield those belts from dirt, twigs and debris. Shaft drive cars should work just fine...

Zippy LiPo Battery Review

zippy lipo battery

Instead of buying the $26 Losi LiPo specifically marketed for the Micro SCT (the test vehicle), I opted to go for the much cheaper and superior rated Zippy lipo. I bought three of these batteries from their Hong Kong warehouse.

RC Transmitters Explained

rc transmitter

Ever wonder what the difference between AM, FM, and 2.4 GHz radio transmitters is? We explain all three in this article, and give suggestions on which one is the best to use for ultimate racing thrills.

Nitro On A NiCD Budget

nitro on a nicd budget

How can you run a nitro RC engine on a slimmed-down budget? We discuss tips and tricks for squeezing the most out of your dollars in this exclusive article

My Traxxas Rustler VXL

traxxas rustler vxl mod

I purchased my Rustler VXL in used condition and it needed a number of upgrades. Find out what I replaced and tuned to make this already fast RC vehicle into a speed demon!

Radio Controlled RC Buggies

radio controlled rc buggy

Ever wanted to be in an off-road race? Now you can feel the thrill of off-road RC racing with the latest in dune buggies and tough all-terrain RC vehicles.

Radio Controlled RC Cars

radio controlled rc car

Want to feel the thrill of racing an RC vehicle? Find out the basics in this information packed article. Topics discussed include nitro vs. electric.

RC Helicopters

radio controlled helicopter

Radio controlled helicopters are available with both gas powered and electric engines. Most people believe you must spend thousands of dollars on a radio controlled helicopter...

Radio Controlled Drag Racing gears logo

Radio controlled drag racing is a fun and intense hobby. It has gained a lot of popularity in the United States over the past 15 years as better technology has allowed these dragsters to go farther and faster.

Radio Controlled Crawlers

rc crawler

RC crawlers are larger and tougher than their normal car and truck counterparts. Crawlers can climb over rough and rocky terrain... they can drive through mud and water... they are an off-roader's best friend!

LiPo Batteries

rc lipo battery

How are LiPo batteries different from conventional rechargeable batteries? What are their advantages and how do you safely handle LiPos? Find out in this article!

RC Transmitters and Receivers

rc transmitter

What are RC transmitters and receivers? In this article we describe the basic principles behind these devices and why you need both to power your RC car.

RC Nitro Engines

rc nitro engine

How do RC nitro engines work? Join us as we delve into the fundamental principles of how to power your vehicle with the proper engine size. Tuning nitro engines is also discussed.